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2015 Chaplaincy Program Awards & Holiday Celebration


Thank you! It was a wonderful and well organized ceremony. God bless you and all the work you do to save souls, comfort the hurting, equip the Saints and advance the Kingdom of God. In the New Year, may you receive a double portion in your finances, be strengthened in your body, and be full of joy through the Holy Spirit.


Love you,

Pastor Alphonso & First Lady Breena Lewis, Educator


It’s a blessing to have friends like you. Just keep in mind that some of the policies changed since you came, i.e. notarized criminal background form and 40 hours of Pre-Service Training. Please ensure that the TB Test and 2 letters of reference are accompanied with the documents.


Peace and blessings to you my Sister!!! Rev. Dr. Linda Greene

You are so welcome,blessings to you and praise God for you. CIT, Brigitte Fitzhugh.


Good afternoon Pastor Saunders, I LOVE being a Servent for GOD. Serving His people in Spirit and in Truth is my hearts desire. Spreading The Gosple. giving Hope to the Hopeless is my Devine mission. I am Honored to continue being a part of this Dynamic,Spirit filled Chaplaincy Program. I thank GOD for placing such a Devine, Women of GOD and leader as you, in MY life at this time. I am ready for any assignment that GOD and you have for me. I love you and WE the Rawlings family will be forever Greatful for your LOVE.

Chaplain, Rev. Jan Gaskins


Good afternoon Pastor Saunders First I would like to just say thank you for giving me the opportunity To serve I want you to know that I appreciate every opportunity that you give me to Grow and learn it is greatly appreciated and I appreciate getting the experience because otherwise I would not get it So I would just like to say thank you for allowing me to be part of the chaplaincy program and for allowing me to grow and Flourish as I continue on my spiritual journey.


CIT Troy Nesbit


I am most humbled by your sentiment and I'm sure the staff feels equally as humbled. Thank YOU for the opportunity to serve as a vessel. We are most appreciative of you and your staff. Your commitment to the residents is unwavering and we are so fortunate to have you.


Hope Rushing, RN BridgePoint Nursing Center, Recreational Director


You're welcome. God is good. I preach. I have seen the enemy destroy ministries through pride. I humbled myself, I prayed and God answered. I trust Him with all my heart. I knew that I had to pass the test, otherwise I would have to take it again. My instructions were to watch as well as pray. I know that it's not a flesh and blood battle. God will not get the glory, if I refuse to honor Him. We're on the same team.

Grace is a gift that we don't deserve. To God be the glory in the Kingdom of God. One Lord, one faith, and one baptism. Amen.


Minister Kimberly Robinson