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Events DC Comemorative Homicide Event

Please join us at our next event!

Event Name

Date: October 30, 2010

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm


2498 Alabama Ave., SE

Washington, DC 20020


DCAEHS, Inc., is sponsoring the DC Commemorative Homicide Events. We are excited about this special event for all homicide families that have experienced a death or multiple deaths to homicide in the District of Columbia. We are just seven weeks away, so if you would please circulate the flyer and tell families affected by homicide about this event, we would really appreciate your efforts. Also it is important that they know that they need to RSVP by October 27th, but please note that no one will be turned away. The purpose for the RSVP is because we will be serving food and the caterer needs to know the number of attendees. We are proud that at this event we will highlight all of the events that DCAEHS has accomplished and will present our 2011 goals. Please note that we are asking for all of our supports to make a donation, become a sponsor to help us provide this awesome event for homicide survivors.

Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church will hold 300 attendees in there fellowship hall, and it is our goal to try our very best to fill the hall on October 30th, so we are requesting your assistance to help us in this effort, because they deserve to experience a day of remembrance with respect, honor and dignity. We are planning an outstanding and rewarding experience for each family and with your contribution, it will help us to be sure that they will leave this event knowing that they were honored.

Additionally, if anyone has any questions, concerns or willing to make a donation or contribution to help with this event or if you are willing to become a volunteer to help registration, host & hostess, please contact Rev. Pat Saunders at 202-529-6217 or 301-445-7277.


Have a wonderful day!

[email protected]