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“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Reverend Patricia Saunders, CEO/President was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”



DCAEHS, received our first double homicide in August 2009. A young woman, her boyfriend and the woman's 12 year old son were victims of an attack by an ex-boyfriend. Both she and her friend were tragically killed while her son survived the attack. The female victim is survivived by her mother, a neice and three children, ages 12, 15 and 17 two of which resided with here one who lived in GA. We have provided this family with close to 100 hours of srvices. This case is scheduled for trail in January 2010 and we are now preparing the family for the court hearing. During ouor last meeting with the grandmother, she stated that the family has forgiven the man that killed her daughter and her new boyfriend, because they realized that this man, "just snapped."


Presently working with a Mother with two children who witnessed her husband being killed before her eyes, two years ago. The DC Alliance, has started that client in a twelve step program. We are proud to say that she was on PCP & Alcohol for years, but she is now clean and will be graduating from UDC with her GED as of June 2010.


DCAEHS, sponsored a Free Holiday Prayer and Comfort Telephone Helpline, during the period of December 20 - 31, 2009 and we were able to develop approximately 30 to assist us with this project. We received over 80 calls, but some were restricted numbers and some did not leave a message, but we responded to over 50 phone requests and provided each caller with a qualify and certified Pastoral Counselor that responded to the call the same day that it was received. We didn't cancel the helpline, so we are still receiving calls and responding.


Received on December 31, 2009. "I hate when a holiday comes around, because it is so depressing for me, I can't celebrate with my beloved son that was killed and they still have not found the person that murdered my only son. The prayer line blessed me, because I was able to talk to a live person that showed me compassion, concern and after the prayer, I felt better and was told that if I needed to call back that it would all right, so that brought me comfort." Ms. Jackson


National Pastoral Care Domestic Violence Conference 2011

Thank You For The Great Work In Educating Us On How To Handle This Monster That We Are Facing. And I Hope You Know That it Was Blessed.. Also, You Are Truly A Winner In Your Own Rights.. Saturday Was A Victory Landslide...Amen !! I'll call You Soon .